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Posted by Shihan Tatro on January 7, 2011 at 3:44 PM

Do, means a couple things.  Performing an action or applying knowledge to a subject, as in; "I'm going to do push-ups."  In Japanese, do means way or path, as in; Karate-do.  One who follows the "way" of karate.

Both applications are paramount to karate training.  Not only must the karateka follow the way of karate, abiding in its values of hard work and a spirit of "Osu", but he/she also has to DO the work.  Performing the techniques repetitively improves muscle memory and reflexes.  You can't read about a technique to learn it, you must DO it.  Reading can help in initial phases, but the real learning comes in the doing.

Often, I've had students who ask questions about techniques, and always the answer was to be found in them performing the technique.  Once performed (doing), we could analyze it's application (bunkai), then come to the proper performance of the technique based on application.  To instill muscle memory we would DO that technique repeatedly focusing on proper application.

Do remember that the Do of karate requires both do and doing.

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