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You're always a white belt.

Posted by Shihan Tatro on February 15, 2011 at 1:13 PM

A bunch of newcomers to class recently, has turned the focus to basic kihon in class. The pace and attention to detail is different when you've got first week kohai. (juniors)  I use the opportunity to remind the sempai (seniors) that all techniques come from the kihon.  This is time for them to work on applying various belt level qualities to their basic techniques.

The ranking system of Kyokushinkai is both systematic and symbolic.  The White belt represents the empty canvas.  Hard work and sweat is what turns it colors!

While some systems sybolize that sweat with a yellow belt, Kyokushinkai uses a Blue belt, which represents fluidity.  Once the mechanics are learned in White belt, the student must learn to move from on move to the next fluidly.  This is represented in the kata and several techniques introduced at Blue belt.

Next, our Yellow belt emphasis' speed and quickness.  Once someone has learned the mechanics and can perform those mechanics fluidly, speed can and will come. Yellow belt kata and drill help to cultivate speed.

Green belt represents the power of the rooted oak tree. The student has learned to do the basics smoothly and quickly and now turn that into power. Principles like muchimi are used to maximize this.

The Brown belt melds all these qualities into the ultimate goal, Black belt.

But, each level requires evolving your White belt technique, not just keep repeating them. And in that respect, we're always a white belt.

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